Farming Methods to Mitigate Climate Change

Using chemical fertilizers and insecticides, relying upon diesel-operated machinery, and choosing freight transport methods contribute to the pollution of the environment. Climate change has been discussed more intensely in recent years and with altered farming practices, the mitigation of climate change is possible. Assess your current farming practices and introduce some new methods that will benefit the environment. Organic Materials and Targeted Watering The USDA provides farmers with guidelines, based upon the region where crops are being grown.

Effectively Fertilizing Your Crops

Growing a crop can be a very difficult task that will require careful planning and monitoring in addition to the labor that will be involved. One of the most important aspects of successfully growing a large crop will be an effective use of fertilizing products. However, many individuals that are new to growing large scale crops may not be aware of the strategies that can allow them to maximize the results from their fertilizing efforts.