Want To Raise Chickens? 3 Tips To Get You Started

If you want to raise chickens in your yard, this can provide you with eggs for your family. You do need to make sure the chickens are healthy and happy, however. To do this, below are three tips on how to raise chickens.  

Buy a Chicken Coop

One of the most important things you need is the chicken coop. This is important as this is where your chickens will sleep, nest, and lay their eggs. The coop must be large enough for the number of chickens you want and be well ventilated. To do this there must be comfortable space between each chicken to give them enough room. 

Make sure the coop you purchase includes nesting boxes for your chickens to lay their eggs. Put a nesting material on the floor of the chicken coop, which can be hemp or pine shavings. This is important as the nesting material is what absorbs urine and more from the chickens making it much easier to clean the floor. 

Buy a Chicken Pen

Along with the chicken coop, you also need to purchase a chicken pen to attach to the coop. This will give your chickens a place to run and walk around outside. Make sure the space is large enough for how many chickens you will have. It also needs to be fully enclosed with walls made of netting or fencing and a roof. This will ensure your chickens do not get loose and will protect them from predators in the area, such as foxes, dogs, etc. 

You can make chicken pens yourself, but you should consider buying one to ensure it is made properly. You can find these pens at most agricultural or farm supply stores. 

Provide Water and Chicken Feed

You need to provide your chickens with fresh, clean water every day, along with food. You can purchase sturdy containers, trays, or buckets to do this. There are also waterers and feeders that make it much easier. You fill these things up and they provide the chickens with enough water and food for longer periods of time. Store the food in a sealed container to protect it from rodents. 

You can purchase chicken feed at agricultural stores. It does need to provide calcium and protein to the chickens to keep them healthy. Talk with a veterinarian who can tell you what you should give them and how much to feed them. This will depend on the size and age of the chickens. The vet may also have you add supplements to their feed each day to provide them with even more nutrients. 

Once you set up everything you need, it is time to buy your chickens. You can purchase chickens from hatcheries, farms, or some farm supply stores. You can purchase chickens or teenage chickens in the beginning.